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Traveling is one of the most pleasurable activities enjoyed by millions of people around the world. But traveling is not only for pleasure; from relaxing holidays to expanding your horizon of knowledge, travel can be used as an instrument for your benefit in several ways. A trending way to improve your traveling experience is volunteer tourism. Eternal Himalaya brings you the opportunity to explore the unseen side of the Nepalese community and get a first-hand experience of giving back to the community while exploring the rural and remote areas of Nepal.

Volunteer tourism is a travel plan where you can choose from various volunteer projects that have been developed in order to help the community while you enjoy travel. Here, at Eternal Himalaya, we have made various tour packages that include the opportunities for volunteer tourism. With the intent of creating a platform for travelers to learn through experience, these tour packages take you close to the rural communities of Nepal. With volunteer tourism, you contribute to preserving, protecting, and promoting the natural as well as the socio-cultural environment of the Nepalese communities. Some of our major voluntary tourism packages are medical checkups, cultural and natural conservation awareness campaigns, teaching and training, repairing damaged infrastructures, etc.

If you are looking for volunteer tourism through an authorized tour operator, we are the company you can trust. Your first step towards helping the community will be by traveling to these remote areas. On the other hand, volunteering will be more of direct help to the community. With plans such as: living with a host family as a member of their household, will give you deep insight on the lifestyle of the people as you become a part of the community and share daily lives and customs. We have a range of available options which can also be modified according to preference. With us, you will not simply travel but have a meaningful experience through volunteer tourism.

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Mustang Tiji Festival Trek


Mustang Tiji Festival Trek is an amazing 18-day trekking experience. The Tiji festival celebrates the triumph of good over evil and the trekkers bear witness to the ancient rituals of the festival. Similarly, the barren trails on the way to…

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