Souvenirs to buy from Nepal

Nepal is famous for snow-capped mountains, deep valleys, waterfalls, and lush forests. Apart from natural beauties, the country also posses stunning art and architecture. From handcrafted papers to handcrafted metal wares, Nepal offers varied items to take home with you as a souvenir.

You can go for souvenir hunting around the tourist area of the city. There are abundant tourist shops on the main streets and in the hotel, arcades filled with alluring jewelry, statues, and another typical Nepalese handicraft.

Nepal is an exceptional country when it comes to souvenirs. If you’re in confusion about what souvenir to take home for your family and friends, then this piece of article will help you out.

1. Thanka Painting

Thanka is a Tibetan Buddhist painting on silk, satin, or cotton.

Thankas usually portray Buddhist deities, mandala, or various pictures that represents Buddhism.  Originally, Thankas were painted with the intention of personal meditation or instruction for students. It makes beautiful gifts in memory of your holiday in Nepal.

2. Khukuri Knife

In ancient days, Nepali soldiers fought with khukuri and won many battles. Khukuri is the national weapon of Nepal. It is presented as a token of love on different occasions.

Made from metal, one side of khukuri is sharp and the other is blunt. Khukuri knife is used in every household in villages and in the city too.

They are a great centerpiece and conversation starter that symbolizing bravery.  Don’t be confused that the ordinary Nepali Khukuri is sharp and deadly but the souvenir khukuri is blunt and only for the decoration but they look alike definitely.

Khukuri is a unique memento to take back home. Pack them in your checked luggage while flying back to your country.

3. Singing Bowls

Singing bowls are the most exquisite souvenir you can take to your home.

It is a musical instrument that produces continuous harmonic hum and vibration from the rim when struck by a mallet in circles.  The sound from singing bowls is believed to heal pain, stress, anxiety, and other diseases, and also uphold creative thinking, meditation, and insight.

The bowl is made up of brass and the mallet is made up of wood. The bowls come in different shapes, sizes, and designs.  You can buy plain bowls or also bowls which are engraved with various types of spiritual patterns and Buddhist cryptogram.

4. Prayer flags

You’ll see prayer flag in every part of the country no matter which trekking route you chose.  There are two different kinds of prayer flags. These flags are called Lung-ta and Dar Cho in the Tibetan language.

Lung-ta means wind horse, whereas ‘Dar’ means to increase fortune, wealth, health and life and ‘Cho’ means all conscious beings.  Lung-ta has five different colors, red, Yellow, Blue, green, and white and is either in a square or rectangular shape.

The five colors represent the five different elements. Blue represents the sky and space, white represents the air and wind, red represents fire, green represents water, and yellow represents earth.

Dar-Cho prayer flags are usually large single rectangles attached to poles along their vertical edge. You can hang these prayer flags in your bedroom, dining room, or even in the garden. A prayer flag is one of the best souvenirs to gift your, friends and family.

5. Tea

Although tea is not exactly a showpiece, it is a popular product of Nepal.  The climate and land of eastern Nepal are suitable for tea farming. Golden tips tea, silver tips tea, fruit-flavored tea, green tea, tea leaves, and many other options are available in the markets of Nepal. You can take tea as a piece of souvenir back to your home.

6. Spices

Nepal is famous for its various aromatic spices. The country itself manufactures varied spices for different purposes.

The spices are solely responsible for the unique and exotic taste of the cuisines.  The markets of Nepal are filled with various spices, some of which are unique to the country.

The spices are freshly grown in the Himalayan fields and later extracted and dried.  The most commonly used spices in Nepal are ginger, garlic, coriander, Sichuan pepper or Timur, chilies, turmeric, fenugreek seeds, cumin, cloves, cardamom, bay leaves, mustard seeds, curry leaves, cinnamon, Black pepper, star anise, and many others.

You can take these spices to your home and cook delicious Nepali cuisines.

7. Pottery

Pottery is another very special souvenir to take back home. You can find amazing tea sets, incense holders, religious statues, lamps, animals, and planters for flowers.

While strolling around the pottery square in Bhaktapur City, you’ll be able to see potters making potteries. You can also try making pottery art yourself, if interested.

8. Dhaka Products

Dhaka is a famous cotton fabric that is made in Nepal. It is almost as same as the Gucci in Nepal. Dhaka cloth has unique symmetric patterns printed in them. You can take Dhaka Topi (cap), a scarf for men and shawl, Shakli, or Saari for women as a souvenir.

Not only clothes but pencil cases, wallets, phone holders, and other materials made from Dhaka can also be given as gifts to your friends and family back home.

9. Lokta Paper

Lokta Paper is the Nepali paper made in Nepal.  These papers can be used for paintings or any other manuscripts.

People make lokta paper for earning purposes.  Lampshades, photo albums, wallpaper, and even handbags made of lokta paper are found profoundly in markets. However, the most popular lokta paper products are calendars, notebooks, diaries, gift boxes, decorative items, and loose paper.

10. Statues and masks

One of the most unique essences of Nepal is statues and masks. You can find numerous statues of different deities, animals, or any other antique things in the market places.

The statues are made from a number of materials like gold, silver, brass, bronze, clay, and even other materials. You can find statues and masks of various mythical and legendary creatures of Hinduism and Buddhism.

Some of these masks are worn during traditional dances such as lakhe dance and festivals like Mani Rimdu and Tiji.

11. Musical Instruments

Nepal has a lot of unique musical instruments. Nepali music has been gaining a lot of fame lately across the globe. Songs like ‘Resham firi’, ‘sal ko paat’, ‘ful ko aakhama’, and even prayer song ‘om mani Padme hum’ can be heard across the streets of Thamel. You can buy flutes, madal, dhime, jhyali, sarangi and many more musical instruments to take back home as a souvenir.

12. Pashmina/ Cashmere Shawls

Pashmina is the finest natural fiber. It is recognized as the diamond fiber because it is the softest, fluffy, and delicate fabric. Nepal is known for the best hand-woven Pashminas.

Himali goats, Chyangra’s fur is used to make the fabric of Pashmina. The warmth, softness, durability, and lightweight makes it worth the investment. With proper care, the Cashmere and Pashmina Shawls can be used lifelong.

The shawls, blankets, cardigans, sweaters, scarves stoles, poncho as well as pullovers make an excellent gift to your loved ones.

13. Hemp Bag

Hemp Bags are made using hemp yarns and fabrics from the mountain regions of Nepal. These bags are eco-friendly and come in bright colors.

People of Nepal have been using hemp, the fiber made from the Cannabis plant. These bags are not only good for the environment but also are strong, durable, and sophisticated. You can purchase these bags from the streets of Thamel.

Tote bags, College bag, Fanny bag, Laptop bag, ukulele bag, and many more options are available for Hemp which will be great souvenirs.

14. Jewelry

Way to win a woman’s heart is definitely handmade jewelry. Whether its silver jewelry, platinum, precious stones, or beads jewelry, you can find it in Thamel.

You can buy either ready-made or you can also customize it according to your choice. Gift a piece of jewelry as a souvenir to your friends and family to keep the memories of your wonderful trip to Nepal alive.

15. Bagh Chal- Tiger Moving Game

Bagh Chal literally means the movements of the tiger. It is a unique and interesting item to bring back home as a souvenirs. The game has 20 goats and 4 tiger pieces. If the tiger eats all the goats, the tiger wins and if the goats surround all the tigers then goats win.

This is a fun and interesting game which is understood easily and can be played with your friends and family.


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