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As tourism is growing at a rapid pace, travelers need reliable and trustworthy travel and tour operators to guide them through the foreign grounds. Tourist is in constant lookout for a travel agency that is capable of providing the best services. Amidst the growing numbers of travel agencies, we believe Eternal Himalaya has the capabilities to meet the needs of the customers.
Eternal Himalaya is a trustworthy and reliable company with eco-friendly policies that provide quality travel services to its clients. Here at Eternal Himalaya, we are highly motivated to provide the best outstanding travel service to our clients. The satisfaction of our customers is our first and foremost priority and we are always putting additional efforts to improve our services. We have a team of dedicated professionals, strongly networked logistics, and highly experienced guides and support staff who are enthusiastic and hardworking. As a team, we make sure our services are always up to or above standards. We rigorously look forward to expanding our reach in the tourism industry and are always striving towards being able to develop the best quality service packages. We deeply understand or corporate social responsibility and thus work with moral and ethical rules. Our service packages are made to respect sustainability with environment and culture friendly policies. We make sure that our benefits are being shared in order to contribute to the community.
Eternal Himalaya has partnerships across a variety of service providers with whom we, collaboratively, provide services to our clients. We believe that partnership is also a fundamental key to improving the quality and efficiency of our services. Therefore, we extend and receive partnership proposals to different agents and suppliers which will be beneficial to both the mutual bodies. To expand our reach, we encourage companies such as Trekking and Climbing operators, luxury Tour operators, Adventure tour operators, Cultural tour operators, Jungle Safari and wildlife tour operators, Various NGOs and INGOs, and Marketing companies to come in partnership with us. We are always working on our ways to improve our company, thus, we are open to partnership proposals.

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Mustang Tiji Festival Trek


Mustang Tiji Festival Trek is an amazing 18-day trekking experience. The Tiji festival celebrates the triumph of good over evil and the trekkers bear witness to the ancient rituals of the festival. Similarly, the barren trails on the way to…

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The services we provide are distinct and personalized to match your needs. We run treks, tours, and hikes throughout Nepal. Likewise, peak climbing, expeditions, and adventure sports are also a major part of the services that we offer. These trip packages vary in a number of ways and are available to all the travelers to enjoy. Apart from the trips involving Nepal, we also have a number of tour and trekking packages in Bhutan and Tibet.
While we acknowledge there is a separate fun in traveling solo or duo, we also have proper arrangements for trips for a large group of people. Adding to these exceptional facilities, we also take constructive criticism in our promise to grow and develop as a conscious company.
Eternal Himalaya is more than a company, we are a friend when you need company and a guide when you need direction. Join us to unravel the wonders of Nepal!

``Let us step into the night and pursue that flighty temptress, adventure.”


We’re thankful for all the Organizations and People who always support and endorse our good work!