Agriculture for tourism in Nepal

Being an agricultural country, Nepal provides the opportunity for agricultural tourism, also known as, Agro tourism. Having farmlands and agricultural fields in abundance, Nepal has a huge scope in agro tourism. Agro tourism is a way of traveling that combines tourism and agriculture. Agrotourism is a recently introduced concept that empowers the agricultural sector of the country and Eternal Himalaya proudly offers this service to our clients. Rapidly growing in popularity, agro tourism is a great opportunity to explore the agricultural side of Nepal while also indirectly and directly helping the people dependent on agriculture.

Agro-tourism can benefit both the travelers as well as the locals. As a travel and tour operator, we focus mainly on your travel experience and satisfaction. By doing so, we also believe that it will benefit the country. Our services can help the agricultural sector and its development. The practice also helps to uplift the economy of the villagers and improve their health and lifestyle. Through our services, you will get a platform to use your skills and help our farming community. While doing this, you can also learn the local and traditional techniques of organic farming that has been used in Nepal for a long time. With your help and the use of modern agricultural equipment, we contribute to the production of healthy and organic agricultural products.

At Eternal Himalaya, we plan our agro-tourism in such a way that clients get the best out of what they invest. You will explore the farms and engage in agricultural activities which will allow you to witness the lifestyle of a local Nepalese farmer and learn about the farming community. You will get the opportunity to harvest fruits and vegetables and also get involved in animal farming. Agro farming is a great way to explore the agricultural industry of Nepal. It is not only traveling but an opportunity to learn and contribute to the community.

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