Eternal Himalaya

A work of art is above all an adventure of mind!

Serving our clients with the best services.

Giving equal importance to both efficiency and effectiveness, our services incorporate aspects of convenience, comfort, sense of adventure and homely feeling. We understand that each and every traveler is different and their needs, wants and expectation of their trips are ultimately different. These different wishes cannot be accomplished by mere general packaged trips and tours. Hence, to cater to the changing and non-similar demands of our clients, we provide them the freedom to customize their own personalized holiday trips and tours. What separates Eternal Himalaya from the rest is the fact that we do not take any trip as a challenge but a chance to serve our clients with the best services.

To begin with..

Nepal, its beauty and charming people are what inspired Mr. Basu Dev Nepal to establish Eternal Himalaya in 2017. Today, Eternal Himalaya is a household name and a tourism tycoon in Nepal. However, the origin of the man himself is quite different. Mr. Nepal wandered the lustrous Ruby Valley and the foothills of Ganesh Himal in his childhood. As he began to muster some love and courage to travel, he started out as an assistant cook. The boy whose heart sought to travel the world gradually grew up to establish one of the biggest names in Nepali tourism. Eternal Himalaya and the entire team shares Mr. Nepal’s dream to help others find the true beauty of Nepal. As such, we proudly distinguish ourselves as a customer-orientated company.

Who We Are?

Our Dedicated Team with experienced Guides are the Secret Weapon behind our Success.

Amazing services and support for all!

The services we provide are distinct and personalized to match your needs. We run treks, tours, and hikes throughout Nepal. Likewise, peak climbing, expeditions, and adventure sports are also a major part of the services that we offer. These trip packages vary in a number of ways and are available to all the travelers to enjoy. Apart from the trips involving Nepal, we also have a number of tour and trekking packages in Bhutan and Tibet.
While we acknowledge there is a separate fun in traveling solo or duo, we also have proper arrangements for trips for a large group of people. Adding to these exceptional facilities, we also take constructive criticism in our promise to grow and develop as a conscious company.
Eternal Himalaya is more than a company, we are a friend when you need company and a guide when you need direction. Join us to unravel the wonders of Nepal!

``Let us step into the night and pursue that flighty temptress, adventure.”
Eco-Friendly Adventures

Eternal Himalaya team focuses on green tourism and environmental preservation in every activities we organize.

Green Tourism

We're very conscious on Global warming and effect of tourism activities on prevailing eenvironmental problems. Touch The Himalaya focus on green tourism.

Work with Locals

We do work and collaborate with local peoples in parallel while organizing trips.

Innovative Tours

Innovation is our main focus and we always try to give best to our valued clients.

Sustainable Travel

Travel and Tourism is not for the short term. Keeping this in mind we work for establishing sustainable travel ecosystem in country.

Core Values

The satisfaction of our clients is our core value. We, here at Eternal Himalaya, care on providing best of the best service and experience to travelers.


We’re thankful for all the Organizations and People who always support and endorse our good work!